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Selected Products with Monthly Payments:
RODI #1: Corner Sofa Bed-RODI- £ 818 + Shipping £100
A house with a large area is undoubtedly comfortable, but it can be difficult to arrange. All due to the fact that wanting to decorate the interior stylishly, you can achieve the effect of a slightly empty, cold and not very cosy apartment.

To remedy this, it is worth adjusting the furniture to the specifics of the interior. The focal point in every living room is the furniture. If you want to ensure not only comfort while relaxing at home, but also to introduce a unique atmosphere, you should opt for the RODI corner - created for spacious living rooms. 

Dimensions 345 x 202 x 90  allow maximum comfort for each household member. An additional advantage that will certainly be appreciated by supporters of functional furniture is the ability to unfold the corner and adapt it to the sleeping function. 

The unfolding dolphin type allows efficient adjustment of the corner to the level of the 125/266 cm bed.


RODI #2 Premium Fabric
RODI #3: Premium Fabric
RODI #4: Premium Fabric
RODI #5: Premium Fabric
RODI #6: Premium Fabric
RODI #7: Premium Fabric
Eridano #1: Corner Sofa Bed-Eridano £670 + Shipping £100
A salon is a place of rest, family gatherings and peaceful relaxation. Therefore, this room should be properly arranged, providing both comfort and elegant decor. If you are looking for upholstered furniture that will delight even the most demanding fans of home relaxation with its design, the Eridano model will hit the spot! 

This corner was created with a passion for elegance and modernity. The classic arrangement of the letter L is combined with modern elements affecting the comfort of use and extremely stylish decorative elements such as metal, chrome legs with high gloss. Spacious seats, appropriately profiled backrest equipped with additional movable headrests, wide armrest - all this makes you love to relax at home.
Eridano Premium corner sofa - modern functionality
The Eridano corner was made of the highest quality materials. As a premium piece of furniture, it is highly resistant to wear. All thanks to properly selected upholstered materials and solid seat filling - the wave spring in combination with T30 foam and high-quality, flexible HR foam gives the effect of exceptional softness and elasticity, which translates into adequate body support during rest. 

The Eridano corner is included in functional furniture. Dimensions 275x202x90 provide comfortable space during use during the day. Thanks to the additional convenience in the form of a folding system for the sleeping position using the dolphin function, the user receives an additional space in the form of a 125x193 bed. To maintain order after folding the bed, the corner is also equipped with practical storage for bedding located in the ottoman that opens up.

If you are looking for the furniture of a high standard, maintained in a modern style, the Eridano corner will meet your expectations, guaranteeing relaxation that you have never dreamed of.


Eridano #2: Premium Fabric
Eridano #3: Premium Fabric
Eridano #4: Premium Fabric
Eridano #5: Premium Fabric
Eridano #6: Premium Fabric
Eridano #7: Premium Fabric
SORENTO #1: Corner Sofa Bed- Sorento £ 569 +Shipping £100
Spaciousness and comfort are the key elements that a corner should contain. The Sorento model fulfils these features, additionally presenting itself very elegantly.
Sorento corner sofa - perfect for modern interiors
Modern interiors are characterized by simplicity and elegance. The Sorento corner sofa perfectly fits this style. The traditional, simple layout affects the spaciousness of a 295x195x80cm piece of furniture that works great as a central living room decoration. Spacious seats, properly profiled backrest, slightly rounded armrests - all this affects the overall appearance of the furniture, which impresses with its aesthetics. An additional advantage is attention to detail and decorations. 

Stylish legs and subtle quilting placed on the entire surface of the backrest and seat enhance the visual experience. The side elements of the furniture and the lower part are kept in one colour contrasting with the rest of the furniture and additional decorative cushions available in the set. The ability to choose a colour set means that matching the furniture to the overall interior design has never been so easy. This type of corner is dedicated to interiors in a modern, minimalist and loft atmosphere.
Sorento corner sofa - maximum comfort
The Sorento corner impresses not only with its appearance but also with its functionality. A properly profiled backrest improves the comfort of rest, as do the seats, which are both appropriately soft and stable. All thanks to the filling in the form of a corrugated spring and T30 foam. This combination ensures maximum comfort during use, proper body support and resistance to deformation. 

The corner works equally well as a piece of furniture for daily rest, as well as a bed. Thanks to the dolphin sleeping function, the corner can be instantly adapted to your needs, obtaining a bed measuring 210x126cm. Despite the lack of storage for bedding, this model works great as a spacious place to rest at night.
The Sorento corner sofa is a combination of modernity and comfort. Looking for upholstered furniture that will at the same time delight with its colour and functionality, this corner will definitely be the best choice.
Sorento #2 Premium Fabric
Sorento #3: Premium Fabric
Sorento #4 Premium Fabric
Sorento #5 Premium Fabric
Sorento #6: Premium Fabric
Sorento #7 Premium Fabric
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